Ralf Geisler

 Heidrun and I returned safely and without any difficulties to Germany and our home. In our hearts and minds we brought with us best memories of India and of the people who cared for us. Your contribution to that we appreciated very much – and will always do with every memory we have of this visit to your wildlife, culture, people, cuisines and history. The wooden elephant you gave to me as a birthday present joined already companions we brought with us from other travels and I think he feels very comfortable in their company. The India that you presented to us has developed touristically to a very good to visit destination and we will recommend it to everybody who will ask us for. And of course our recommendation will include DUMA and you.

Once more thank you very much for your warm hospitality, caring and friendliness. 
Hoping to hear (read) from you once in a while with all our best wishes: Heidrun and Ralf from Germany