Karin and Stefan

 Since one week we are back in Germany now, where chilly low tempuratures and a lot of snow expected us. But head, mind and heart are still full of pictures from incredible India. It was such a wonderful trip! An important part of it was to meet you and to enjoy your kind and nice support, care and friendship. And not to forget: Thanks a lot for your invitation to that great dinner on our last evening in Kalkutta, the buffet of the hotel was very delicious!  If you want to see us again, at least on photos for a start, have a look on this website. Stefan arranged it and all the members of our group can post some of their own pictures there within the next days or weeks.

Have fun ! 
I would like to give your data to the veterinarian of the zoological garden in Stuttgart, where I'm working. He will visit India in April and November. And I'll recommand, that if he needs any professional and friendly help, he should contact you. Ok? 
Thanks again for the wonderful time, hope to see you again some day.