Jack Poll

 Within the last 30 years I have travelled to India many times privately and with groups interested in India's rich culture and ecology. Vinod Goswami has always been a reliable partner in arranging; and on several occasions accompanying the tours. Not only does he know his country in every detail but is very knowledgeable with respect to it's fauna and flora. He is able to provide the best accommodation for each region paying attention to attractive and often spectacular locations as well as delicious and safe cuisines. His charming and experienced drivers have guaranteed enjoyable and safe travel throughout the country. Specialised and professional guides are provided to take the traveller through amazing historic sights, breathtaking panoramas or through jungles and grasslands on game drives looking for rare animals and birds in India's numerous national parks and refuges.  

Over the years Vinod has provided the best possible service in order to make a visit to India a rewarding and memorable experience. He is always personally available to cater to individual wishes like a surprise birthday party or help you pick the perfect souvenir or present. I would like to recommend Vinod and Babita Tours to anyone interested in an unforgettable journey in this incredible country.