Kanha National Park Tour

Major Attractions of Kanha National Park
Elephant Safari: While taking an elephant back safari, the chances to see the wildlife are more in-comparison to the jeep safari.
Kanha Museum: Kanha has a museum which shows the activities and the characteristic of the national park. It also shows the rich tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh state.
Apart from the wildlife, Bandhavgarh National park is known for Kalchuri archaeological remains which were discovered here. This park is located in the hills and is dominated by imposing Bandhavgarh Fort which was constructed in 14th of Century. The nearby hills to the fort are famous for many pre-historical caves.
Best time to visit Corbett National Park
Ideal time to travel The best time to visit Kanha national park is from November till June. Kanha too like other parks remains closed during the months of monsoon.

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Kanha National Park located in Madhya Pradesh state of India. It was given the status of the national park in 1955. In 1974, Kanha was declared as tiger reserve when Project Tiger Scheme launched. It is spread in an area of about 940 sq KMS. Kanha National Park has very thick flora of Bamboo and Sal trees along with streams and grasslands. Kanha is the only home of highly endangered species like Barasingha. The Banjar and Halon valley of Kanha divide into two zones as eastern and western and these zones are well known for tiger and deer population. Kanha is honored as one of the best preserved National Parks of Asia. Bamni Dadar is the best place to view the sunset in the park.

Flora and Fauna in Kanha National Park
The landscapes in the park are diverse even very enjoyable. Bamboo jungles run into Sal fields and forests. In Kanha, one can see many herds of spotted deer gazing in the fields with attracting smaller herds of Antelope and also beautiful the Black Buck. There are very good chances to spot the fearful Barking Deer if you have very little luck. Sometimes, the Rare Barasingha and the Swamp Deer are seen in Kanha. In Kanha the population of Barasingha is over 400 this is due to the good conservation. There are 175 different birds in the park.
How to rach Kanha National Park
Air: Jabalpur is the closest airport to Kanha just 169 KMS away, Raipur 219 KMS and Nagpur airport is at the distance of 266 KMS.
Train: Jabalpur station is 169 KMS far from the park is the most convenient railway station to take the trains.
Road: Kanha National Park is very well connected by the highways to Jabalpur 169 KMS, Nagpur 266 KMS, Mukki 25 KMS and Raipur 219 KMS.

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