Chittorgarh Tour

Chittaurgarh Fort: The fort of Chittaurgarh can be singled out for it''s glorious history and it''s stories of heroism. Countless tales of this rugged fort and the battles fought here by it''s legendary heroes fill the pages of history books. 

70 miles east of Udaipur lies the famed but ruined fortress of Chittaur, the Rajput''s ''holy of holies'', physical symbol of chivalry and the sacrifice of thousands of men and women who died in three gruesome massacres and mass suicides by jauhar or self-immolation by women. Mewar (Udaipur) was the only house that stead fastly refused to either capitulate to the Mughals or give it''s daughters in marriage to them. The first massacare took place in 1303, when Chittaur was besieged by Allauddin Khilji, who was besotted by the beauty of the legendary rani Padmini. 
All of the Chittaur''s attractions are within the fort. There are 7 gateways to the main gate, the Rampol. On the climb, there are two chhatris, memorials marking spots where Jaimal and Kalla, heroes of the 1568 seige, fell during the struggle against Akbar. There''s a deer park at the southern end. One can have the fine view over the town from the fort. 
Vijay Sthamb: This magnificent structure, built in commemoration of Maharana Kumbha''s victory over Muslim rulers of Malwa and Gujarat, stands 37 mt tall. The 9 storeyed structure houses 157 steps that lead to balconies which give a spectacular view of the ruins and across the hillside.

Chittorgarh embodies romance and chivalry. The stories told of the ruined Fort Chittor evokes awe and respect to this day. The fort fell more than once and each time the inhabitants fought literally to the last man and the women committed Jowhar, or mass immolation, to escape the ignominy of capture. 

The most famous instance, which is now a part of folklore, occurred in 1303 when the legendary Rajput beauty, Rani Padmini committed Jowhar with thousands of womenfolk to escape dishonour at the hands of the soldiers of Allaudin Khilji, Sultan of Delhi. 
A second instance occurred in 1533 when Bikramjeet of Chittaur was defeated by the Sultan of Gujarat - many women and children sacrificed themselves in the Jauhar led by Rani Karnavati. Chittorgarh stands today as a symbol of Rajput courage and pride.
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